Saturday, October 13, 2007

Artist Statement

I wrote this statement a few years ago:

About the Artist

I define my work as a series of small paintings, drawings and prints that have graphic design devices such as lines and fields of color paired with an image. My content ranges from botanicals to architectural, figurative and lifestyle subject matter. My materials are canvas, acrylic or oil paints and ink. I have done silk screened pieces that are in the same kind of series. I'm currently working a series of drawings. My inspiration comes from advertising in magazine and newspapers. Color trends are a part of my body of work. Artists and designers that have influenced my process or way of thinking are people such as: Raymond Loewy, Milton Glaser, Elsa Schiaperelli, Dale Chihuly and Tim Burton. The competitive and economically thriving nature of the East Coast near Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE has played a large part in feeding my creativity as well us growing up with a creative family. I now live in Cleveland, OH.


I interviewed projectfelt and discovered a great store while I was at it. Felt is fun!
I like the storefront on this shop.

This is what projectfelt had to say:

When did you know that you were cut out to be artistic?

I knew from the time I could understand what artistic meant. I was constantly re arranging my bedroom, buying $12 Vogue Couture magazines at the age of 10. Cutting our clippings of room designs out of magazines and keeping them in a shoe box for later in life. one proud thing I remember from middle school was each month we had an artist of the month for the whole school. And each month, I was chosen. Kids got angry and thought I was a suck up but I truly felt alone as I was the only artistic person in my class. In High School I worked hard to graduate early so I could study fashion design with my art teacher. She helped me perfect my drawing skills while my Home EC. teacher taught me how to sew. I planned on attending college in Miami Florida but a series of events prevented me from going. That's when I got heavy into the craft/indie world. I realized that I was talented on my own and didn't need a teacher or college education to tell me that. I started to experiment with jewelry making, clay sculpting, paper crafts, crochet etc. till I stumbled upon my true passion, felting. And that's when I really realized that this is what I wanted to do the rest of my life. My goal is to create enough revenue from Etsy and other outside venues to quite my 9-5 and be a crafty momma till the end of time.

How did it make you feel when someone bought something that you made?

I was honestly shocked. I could not believe that someone would actually spend their hard earned cash on my handmade stuff! I was hooked from day one when I discovered Etsy. It was hard in the beginning when sales would come and go and you always wonder during those slow months when sales are slow, what you are doing wrong. The key is consistently. Without that, you have no sales.

What keeps you inspired?

Color inspires me. I'm always looking at magazines to see what the new "in" color combo is. I also like to gather free paint samples from home depot and bring them home so I can play around and create my own color palettes. My shop is based on color. My sections are separated into all the color pallets I currently have listed. I'm always on the prowl for more ideas!

My shop is

Thoughts from a person living a creative life.