Thursday, November 18, 2010

Skinny French Toast

Lately, I've made a habit of eating French Toast. I thought to myself," how can I make this healthier and with fewer calories?" I came up with a little plan. After being hungry by mid morning because my cheerios were not holding me over I thought eating something with egg in it was the right approach for being satisfied longer.
Ingredient list:
Several pieces of bread of your choice, stale. (I used Wonder 100% Whole Wheat because it only has 120 calories for two slices.)
Egg Beaters or any egg product in a carton (egg whites.)
Silk Vanilla Soy Milk. Soy milk has a heavy consistency therefore the creamy texture is good for french toast.
Sugar free maple syrup

Mix a little egg product in a bowl with soy milk and beat together spices. The consistency should be that of eggnog. Use Pam or any kind of spray vegetable oil coating on your pan. Using stale bread, coat each side of the bread and put them in the pan.
Patiently wait for each side to get light fluffy golden brown and a medium heat. Flip toast several times to avoid buring. Use a lid over the pan to capture heat and cook the egg in the middle of the bread so that the texture of the french toast not soggy in the middle. Be patient and don't cook at high heat, the outside will cook fast and burn while the inside will be soggy. If you want to cut more calories skip the dusting of confectioner sugar at the end. Add a little butter spread and smother with sugar free syrup and you have a high protein but sweet treat for breakfast or brunch.

Thoughts from a person living a creative life.