Thursday, November 29, 2007

With a name like Smuckers ...

Ohio's economy is moving away from manufacturing into different and much more diversified economy. However, we should not lose all of our manufacturing. With the manufacturing that is left, we need to make sure that employees are treated fairly with a decent wage.It is important make consumers understand that buying a jar of jam that is marked One or Two dollars higher than the generic store brand has the cost of the employee worked into the pricing. Sure the company profits but the employees get health care and above average manaufacturing pay. That is important. People complain about jobs getting shipped overseas but they are the same people visiting dollar stores and paying for cheap wares made in China. Word the the wise, buy quality not quanity and consume less.

I had the opportunity to visit the Simply Smuckers Store in Orville, Ohio a few weeks ago. Smuckers is a name that is synonomous with wholesome goodness. It is not a just a well crafted advertising campaign, it is the truth about the company. Sure all large corporations have pitfalls but this company has not strayed from its core values. I watch the ticker symbol and monitor the stock market based on Smuckers stock. You would never guess that they have many brands under the umbrella of Smuckers. Some of the brands are Borden / Eagle Brand, Pillsbury, Jiff, Martha White etc. The company is located in a farming community that is vibrant and has an excellent workforce. Think of fresh air not smokestacks.

Thoughts from a person living a creative life.