Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Tugboat print shop told me about the way they work and this is what they had to say:

Our work is our day job. Its much more work than a day job, and much
more stressful at times, but always more satisfying!

We have always known that we would have our prints for sale online
through our official website, The idea for an
additional online shop came to us when we discovered Etsy. Etsy provided
us with a easy-to-use template and the means to reach a broader
clientele. We are always eager to find new ways to let people know who we are,
what we do, and what we make.

Traditional Printmaking techniques are processes that are drawing
focused-media (etching, woodcut, lithography, etc). We love
drawing--especially detailed drawings. With printmaking, we create the time-consuming,
intricate drawings that we want to be making and are also able to
print multiples. Editioning allows us to share our work with more people at
more affordable prices.
It's true that digital media can also reproduce things. But giclee, or
offset or inkjet prints, have no real artistic merit. It is just a
file or an image, it isn't really an object of art.

Running a business is something that is new to us, that we learn more
about everyday.

We work to keep ourselves scheduled for more and more shows, projects,
and opportunities each year. This keeps us attuned to what is going on
and propels us to make new work that is part of what is going on in the
arts. Also, our lifestyle basically centers around constantly making
newer and better work. Thankfully, we're the type of individuals that
tend to find inspiration/ideas in nearly everything! We are
continually bouncing ideas for new projects off of each other and often
experience a back-log of ideas (too many projects--so little time!)

Our best advice for people selling work online is to maintain your
vision for your work. Take good pictures, communicate with your customers,
ship fast, and deliver something you can be proud of!

Thoughts from a person living a creative life.