Wednesday, November 26, 2008

sketches from last weekend

Preliminary sketches of animals. Observations from my recent visit to the zoo.

Loft Life Magazine

If you like to read about sustainability, good design and a modern lifestyle, this magazine is for you. Reclaimed materials are used in many of the featured designs. For the naysayers that think modern is cold and boring, think again! Modern means form follows function in terms of design practicality and aesthetic. Using natural materials like reclaimed wood will add warmth to a space. Modern doesn't mean life devoid of nature. At this very moment, most households across the country are not buying random junk to fill their homes anymore and they are being choosy about what they will buy. Designing with a purpose is now a part of our culture. You can't turn on any lifestyle show on networks like HGTV or DIY without this concept being beaten into you head. If you are looking to re-design and get inspiration this magazine is for you. Sometimes changing your lifestyle means changing your space in order to feel differently.

I had a conversation with someone from Loft Life Magazine yesterday while on Facebook. Loft Life is trying to gain readership and they certainly deserve it. About a month ago I started noticing this magazine at the local bookstore, but like everyone, I'm counting my pennies and passed it up. After viewing their magazine online and seeing what the magazine is about, I will be an avid subscriber. In a week I look forward to receiving a copy in the mail. I will pass up my other design magazines for this one.

Thoughts from a person living a creative life.