Saturday, October 13, 2007

Artist Statement

I wrote this statement a few years ago:

About the Artist

I define my work as a series of small paintings, drawings and prints that have graphic design devices such as lines and fields of color paired with an image. My content ranges from botanicals to architectural, figurative and lifestyle subject matter. My materials are canvas, acrylic or oil paints and ink. I have done silk screened pieces that are in the same kind of series. I'm currently working a series of drawings. My inspiration comes from advertising in magazine and newspapers. Color trends are a part of my body of work. Artists and designers that have influenced my process or way of thinking are people such as: Raymond Loewy, Milton Glaser, Elsa Schiaperelli, Dale Chihuly and Tim Burton. The competitive and economically thriving nature of the East Coast near Philadelphia, PA and Wilmington, DE has played a large part in feeding my creativity as well us growing up with a creative family. I now live in Cleveland, OH.

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