Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Barbara Danin

Barbara Danin is an artist based in the Philadelphia region. Philadelphia is a hotbed of artistic activity. She is an experienced professional who is in various collections. She has an impressive resume. Make sure to visit

Here is what she had to say about her creativity:

I honestly didn't know I was doing anything artistic but when I was ayoung child I got lots of support from my parents who valued all the craftsand paintings I was creating. I then realized this was refered to as"Art" by others but it was what came naturally to me and was simply what I enjoyed.

I felt great when I sold my first piece of art. It happened in college ata student show and was followed soon after by a gallery discovering my work and wanting to represent me. So all of this was great motivation to continue. I was very fortunate to get this encouragement so early on.

I stay creative since life inspires me and I want to express this on paper. It is also a form of meditation for me and something that nourishesme at a deep level.

It is all Natural Historie

Straight out of LA.

When did you know that you were cut out to be artistic ?

My elementary school was a public academy for the visual and performing arts, and every Thursday afternoon my first grade fingers itched for all the delights of the art studio – oil pastels, colorful papers, watercolors and clay. We'd do line drawings, collages, paintings and sculptures, we'd emulate Picasso, or view slides of Van Gogh, and sometimes we'd even go outside and draw plants and flowers – my very first plein air excursions.

How did it make you feel when someone bought something that you made?

Selling my first print was very exciting. For me it marked a significant point in my journey as an artist, and even though I do not plan to make art my livelihood, it is very heartwarming to know that others enjoy my work as much as I do.

What keeps you inspired?

Natural Historie is a fanciful collection reminiscent of the past and of nature, crafted in girlish pastels, delicately designed and prettily packaged. I'm inspired by the natural world, the historical past, antique maps and old photographs.
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Thoughts from a person living a creative life.