Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Scientist's Take on a Creative Life

When did you know that you were cut out to be artistic?

Late. Very late! Everyone in my family is very artistic. My Mom, brother and sister all draw and paint. My dad and brother build awesome things and put on amazing Halloween “Haunted Houses” that are like Hollywood productions. They’re famous in the San Fernando Valley! I was the ugly duckling of art, the poster-stepchild for artistic deficiency, the black sheep…baaaa. Then again, I made doll furniture, clothes, mini doll food and household items. I just didn’t think it was art. I was a purist at 7. So I went the other way and I became a scientist and banned all artsiness out of my mind. But as I grew older I realized people copy my style, my decorating, my outfits, my original ideas in SCIENCE! A friend got me to make jewelry with her and the creative side of me finally busted out and couldn’t be denied! I still tend to think “Art? Me?” and then I realize that a lot of my science –like worrying about the composition when taking electron images of tiny structures in fish IS art!

How did it make you feel when someone bought something that you made?

Amazing! The most wonderful part is when you realize someone actually “gets it”; that they share your aesthetic. So much that they have to own a piece of it. I find it so weird that we go about the world looking for like minds. To be understood. And when it happens it’s a BAM! moment. It’s so exhilarating! I’ve had people at shows say “I want every single thing on your table” and “This is the exact…(ring, necklace, object)…I’ve been looking for!” or “ I like how your stuff is a little random” or “your color combinations are weird but so right”. It’s like two minds have been wandering around and slam into each other in a moment of recognition and it’s very strange and satisfying. It’ s why I love doing shows and I think it’s why we all like the Treasuries on ETSY so much. A chance to express this shared aesthetic and fish for other like-minds!

What keeps you inspired?

The desire to make something that will strike a chord with people. That will become one of their favorite things. The work of other amazing artists in all genres. I strive to become better and better to deserve to be in the company of such artistic spirit, inspiration and originality. To get something just right, even just for me. The things I haven’t tried yet, the tools I haven’t bought yet (!), the shapes I haven’t produced yet, the colors I haven’t combined yet, the ideas I haven’t expressed yet. There’s a whole world of possibility and even if I’d started at birth there would always be more to try!
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