Friday, September 28, 2007

Financial Knowledge

I would like to debunk the myth that creative types and fine artists are somehow idiots when it comes to finances and business. My suggestion for anyone starting a business or wanting to have some kind of creative endeavor, is arm yourself with as much knowledge about the economy and where local business and national businesses are thriving. Pay close attention to the stock market and live below your means. The living below your means part is what many people have a problem with. Living below your means helps you to be able to take entrepreneurial risks. Without risk there is no success. Sometimes trial and error is the best way to become successful.

Car Free Cleveland

Good morning to everyone. I have had my first cup of coffee this morning. To spread a little of my morning cheer, I want everyone to know about Eco city Cleveland and a car free life style. Touting this as an option for folks wanting to move here from large population densities might be the way to go. Make sure to check this out.

Thoughts from a person living a creative life.