Thursday, October 18, 2007

Photographer Susanna Corson

Susanna Corson has shown her work all over Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. She is currently in talks with galleries in New York City.

When did you first know that you were going to do something artistic?

Someone gave me a used and outdated (but still highquality) camera - once I saw what I could do with it,I was totally hooked. It developed very organicallyfrom that point.

How did you feel when you sold your first piece of art?

I sold my very first piece to my mom, so I don't know if that counts! When I sold my first piece to a non-related-to-me customer I was kind of shocked. The interaction was very brief, it sort of went: she saw the piece as I was setting up my show, grabbed it,asked how much, and then pulled out her wallet. I was kind of amazed at how quickly she connected to my work. I often say that photographs are the language I use to express emotion, and it was a truly wonderful feeling to be able to connect over something so meaningful to me with a complete stranger.

What makes you stay creative?

I couldn't be any other way. I've done the traditional 9-5 life and it always felt empty, constrictive and meaningless to me. Everything about photography stimulates me, on many different levels. I love the business side of being an artist - trying to come up with creative ways of getting your name out there and being able to pay your bills, I find great satisfaction in the production side of it - creating a finished product with a framed print, and, of course, I adore the creative side of it. I lose myself when I go shooting. I become totally in tune with my environment in a indescribable way. I see things I've never seen before, and find beauty tucked in the most unexpected places. Photography has changed my life.

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